Harmonize – The Astonishing End (Demo 2014)

After the release of The Astonishing End demo the band was recognized by the Cypriot audience receiving Chromium Sun Awards!

The single The Astonishing End was released by Harmonize on October 4th 2014.

The limited 100 album copies were sold out during the first  week of its release. Upon multiple requests a 2nd version of the album was released for 100 album copies, which were also sold out within 10 days.

The album received positive feedback from many listeners and was voted as the 3rd best release of 2014 by the Cyprus Webzine Chromium Sun.

On the same voting Harmonize was recognized as the 3rd best Cypriot band and the founder of the band, George, was voted as one of the best musicians in Cyprus.

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