1)      Welcome guys! How things are going about Ηarmonize?

Thank you for having us. We are very well, we released our debut album back in October and it is doing really well, selling worldwide. We’ve released two video clips and a few lyric videos and now we are driven to write new material for our next project. We already started working on it and can’t wait to see how it goes from there. 

2)      Are you satisfied about the feedback for your new album “Warrior In The Night”?

We are extremely satisfied with the response to our album so far. For the most part people seem to have embraced our work. We have read countless reviews and this engagement makes us very content. It’s important to know what people think of it, as it is our debut album and all opinions are welcomed. It is actually very intriguing when we get opposing opinions, those make us very excited. Even baffled responses are welcomed as we are planning to answer certain questions when it’s time

3)      Are there any plans for another release in the near future or do you find this is not essential for now?

 It is definitely in the plans. We plan to continue the story and we are working on new material. We can’t say for sure when there’s gonna be a new release, as we have seen during most of 2020 things don’t always go as planned. We also can’t wait to get back on the stage when it’s safe, but for now we are working on our project and experimenting with how we are gonna go about our next release. 

4)      How can you describe your sound?

You could say we play heavy metal with a mixture of power and thrash metal with some extreme elements such as death and doom.

5)      What are your musical idols?

We find that we musically and thematically relate to many metal bands and the union of the sub-genres they play. Such bands are Amon Amarth, Iced Earth, Behemoth, Blind Guardian

6)      The video clip for your song “Warrior In The Night” shows a very heavy and dark side of the band.  Tell us a few words and special moments about the shots.

As this is the video clip for the album title track it was important that it was intense and straight to the point without any extreme shots. We’ve particularly enjoyed filming that one, as we got to be very creative and for the most part had fun with it as if we were performing live. It was filmed in a warehouse very simply, but for that one day it belonged to us and our friends were there to support us. Getting into our dark alter egos for the video clip was crucial but came naturally and we thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. We worked hard and were exhausted by the end of filming but people loved it and that is what matters. 

7)      What is your opinion about the use of internet? Is this helpful about the bands or they are just being lost into a sea of information?

At this time and age, the Internet is of crucial importance for artists. It is the means through which they can promote their work or connect with others and build a network. The risk of getting lost in the sea of information is very high, but we ought to get on with the times and use what could be considered the enemy of the underground music industry, in our favour. 

8)      Any live plans for the band?

Hopefully very soon.

9)      What is your biggest dream about Harmonize?

Our vision is that we share the story we are developing through our music and that more people join the Harmonize family. We hope to find ourselves at festivals playing for the crowd and sharing the stage with bands who have influenced our work and who we look up to. To continue writing and releasing music, to rocking live and to keep growing! 

10)   How did you get started with music? Any special musical studies?

Although all of us started playing music very young, some self taught, others formally educated in multiple instruments, only Harrys our drummer has followed drums in his higher education. The rest of us are an accountant, a marketer, an economist and a physicist. In that sort of way, we are a diverse group of people united by metal! 

11)   What do you think about the Cypriot metal scene? Are there any new bands that you love?

The cypriot metal scene is great. We’ve been supporting the local scene since we were youngsters, and continue to urge people to support it, bands and fans. In this industry one should support each other. Admittedly, before the pandemic, the scene used to be very active. Although, new releases are coming out, by talented musicians, not a lot of new upcoming bands. Some notable cypriot bands are Blynd, Mirror, Arryan Path  and countless more as the island has a lot to offer. 

12)   Congrats and good luck about your work, guys! The last words are yours.

Thank you very much. We’d like to thank the people who have supported us. Check our album Warrior in the Night and find all information and updates at www.harmonizeofficial.com and on our social media. 


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